Message from the School Captain

S. Thomas’ Preparatory School overflows with inspiring individuals who helped shape boys into great young men.

Eighty-four years ago, an educator and author, Mr. W. T. Keble, founded the first English Preparatory school in Sri Lanka with the assistance of the Right Reverend, Bishop Mark Carpenter-Garnier, and Canon Reginald De Saram. Addressing the 28 boys who were present on that first day, a man of few words, Mr. Keble, softly and gently said, 

“One thing we ask of you is that you should show kindness in everything you do within and without.”

These words spoken by our founder Mr. Keble that day continue to resonate in the corridors of our school by the sea even today. These truths were guarded faithfully by our Headmasters through the years.

Today, our beloved Headmaster, Rev. Fr. Nihal Fernando, continues to faithfully and passionately guard these values and traditions while focusing on understanding each child’s uniqueness and is successfully unleashing their true potential. Moreover, he has steadfastly and with absolute determination continued with that same pioneering spirit to mold our Preparatory school experience into one in which we fall in love with nature and the beautiful creation God has blessed all of us.

A Prep schoolboy is creative, innovative, and curious. In Prep School, he grows resilience and is encouraged to achieve his fullest potential. Upon graduating, he is a determined leader who dreams big. When he returns to visit, which he always does, he reflects on the quality education and unforgettable experiences and is welcome with the same warmth as on his first day.

All of this is what is magical about Prep School.

S.Thomas’ Preparatory School has offered us so much to be grateful for, and as the School Captain for 2022, we will uphold and protect the honor and pride of our beloved school.

“The World does need great men, and it does start at S. Thomas Preparatory School.”

“The Lord is my Shepherd” 

Yours sincerely,

Joshua T. Alailima 

School Captain – 2022