School Hymn

Verse 1:-
Dear Lord who came so long ago
To live like us a boy on earth,
Who boyish work and grief didst know,
Boyish games and mirth.
Verse 2:-
Live with us in the school we love,
Be our companion day by day,
Against all evil make us brave,
And share our work and play.
Verse 3:-
Help us to work as thou didst work,
With honest effort,patient care;
Help us to play as thou didst play,
Unselfish, keen and fair.
Verse 4:-
The birds and beasts were all thy friends,
Help us, dear Lord, to love them too;
To care for every frightened thing
As thou dear Lord didst do.
Verse 5:-
So in thy strength from day to day
Some humble likeness we may show;
To that dear boy of Nazareth
Who lived so long ago.