Gandhar III

The school orchestra has decided to hold “Gandhar III” which is the third edition following the success of the prior shows. The show aims to platform a variety of Genres from North Indian, South Indian, Sri Lankan music, cinematic, jazz, pop to name a few. Hence producing a show for anyone and everyone to enjoy while also providing the students the opportunity to immerse themselves in various styles and cultures musically. In addition, we plan on adding colour to the show by inviting other schools to elevate the shows diversity.

Gandhar III will make its appearance on the 22nd of October 2022 at the Bishop’s College Auditorium which can hold up to seven hundred and fifty persons and will feature students from the schools of Bishop’s College, Methodist College and appearances from the old boys choir and the junior and senior choirs. Mr. Saranga Wickramage who provides guidance and trains the orchestra has been working with the students tirelessly since the end of 2021 to ensure the quality and standards are kept at its highest. This event will bring the entire school community and those beyond to watch the students perform and showcase their skills.