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The Art Club was established on the 22nd of January 2004 under the guidance of the founding teacher Mrs. H.Y. Sundarampillai and Headmaster Mr. N.Y. Casie Chetty. The activity opened its doors to students from Grades 6-11 to nurture their interest and talent in the visual arts. The board is comprised of students from Grade 11 who work alongside a committee made up of a single student representing each grade from 6-11. The first exhibition conducted by the club, titled ‘Colour and Creation,’ was carried out in 2004 at the Lionel Wendt Art Gallery. However, from 2006 onwards, the exhibition was conducted within the school premises. In 2017, this exhibition graduated to being an exhibition that not only showcased drawings/paintings/sketches, but also included sculptures. The current Master-In-Charge of the Art Club is Mr. I.M.M.P. Illangakoon.

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©2021 S. Thomas' Preparatory School.
All Rights Reserved.